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Here is what our clients are saying about 
Simply Certified:
 “fun, informative and interactive”
“ I feel prepared”

“I learned so much more today, than I have in the past”

“I like that it is flexible to meet my schedule”

How can CPR and First Aid training 
benefit your business or organization?

  By simply taking the time to educate your employees, you will: 

  • Reduce your business insurance rates​
  • Promote a safe working environment
  • Reduce Workers compensation costs
  • Prevent workplace injuries
  • Save a Life!

  We are committed to helping you. Our dedicated professionals are ready
  to assist your business or organization with all your CPR/AED and First Aid

​  We offer flexible scheduling at your business or ours.

  With Simply Certified, you choose the program of learning that suits your  
  business or organization.  

  We offer instruction through AHA (American Heart Association) and
 ECSI (Emergency Care and Safety Institute). 

        Both are recognized nationally
   Both are recognized by Michigan Childcare DHS

  The choice is yours!  

     •   Personalized instruction in a classroom environment
    • Do the bulk of your classes online and just see us for your skills check off

It's that Simple!
Let us help you...help others! 
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Call: 517-499-1047
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"The instructor has a wonderful realistic delivery coated with a delightful sense of humor!"
"I like that the instructor has real life experience, not just book experience."